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Ce Soir_edited.jpg

Ce Soir

"Ce Soir" Seine's first French/ English pop single releases on November 10th '23. It's a dance, eletronic-funk pop song that embodies a new funky pop vision entrenched in a minimalistic groovy soundscape paired with witty lyrics.

The multicultural songwriting is a homage to her origins and blends elements of French, Indian and American culture.

Her vocal style seamlessly incorporates Carnatic techniques into new age pop.


The 4 track EP Glimpse is an immersive experience.


The EP starts with an Intro and moves through the songs "Birdcage", "Dreaming State" and "Life" which are shrouded in metaphors wrapped in poetry style lyrics and ambient guitars.

The genre this EP takes is Alt Pop, Alt Rock and Indie Rock.



I started writing songs nearly a year ago and never really saw myself getting to this point.This song is so profound in the sense that it really captures the uncertainty in my journey to this moment and I’m so excited to be sharing this single with you guys!


Lens outlines the feeling that emulates when you love the right person, it encompasses wonder, rediscovery, appreciation and happiness.
I created it to bestow hope that true love does exist and it’s a feeling devoid of toxicity and obsession. Just pure unadulterated happiness.
I want to broadcast this message and cast this net as wide as I can. A message of hope in a song can be really powerful!



No one is a stranger to external expectations and pressures. This is a song I wrote about helping you tune out and go off-duty.


Cleo is a folksy pop ballad inspired by the most epic love story which ironically took place between two highly flawed individuals. This song shows you that perfection even in love comes with embracing your flaws.



Muse is an ode to the whiplash of emotions that assault you when you meet someone special. It can be overwhelming and drive you literally "insane". The vibe of this song is very unique and raw. It's upbeat but dark, the song is a melting pot of contradictory vibes and genres that are harmonized.

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